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About the Administrator​
Dr. Zarbi has been teaching math related subjects for a decade at colleges and universities in England, Japan and Canada, after his 20 year career as a successful professional engineer. He owns several patents, and also published many journals. He is a late bloomer as a teacher, but his practical knowledge, experiences and passion to interact with people did bloom in his new career as a teacher. He has proved himself that education is the key to open new ways in his life.  Even though the world changes so fast these days, he strongly believe that our will for learning keeps educating us and transforming us all through our lives. Learning is life itself.  His passion for learning has inspired many students, and he is proud that he has been able to touch many lives.  

Vision and missions
​ Dr. Zarbi launched NetEduComm as a tool for people, young and old, to love learning using online modality. In the world of globalization, diversity and virtuality, our learning styles have become more personalized. Learning on line allows students in the world to have close contact with the teacher and co-learners, and build a community of knowledge and learning to influence one another through the subject they are learning. NetEducomm envisions to assist individuals to strive for their dreams and transform their lives whenever and wherever their life’s course is taking them. NetEduComm believes that the success in life will not be attained through pushing keyboard buttons, but pushing your limits.